#hyperxESALV community talent searcH


Think you have what it takes? Want to improve on your stage ability as a host or maybe you are a game wiz and want call the game from our state of the art casting booth. Here's the chance to show us what you've got!

The #HyperXESALV Community Talent search is looking for local talent for our weekly events at the luxurious HyperX Esports Arena inside the Luxor Hotel & Casino, Talent will be brought on as "on call talent" with at least 3 day notice when needed.

All highlight reels submitted should be no less than 1 minute and no greater than 3 minutes. You must be 13 years old with parental approval to be considered.  Talent will receive 1 comped meal and monetary compensation based on performance, availability, and most of all experience shown.

(We will be reviewing submissions weekly and let talent know if they've move on to the next phase within the week of submission.)

Full Name *
Full Name
Date of Birth? *
Date of Birth?
Choice of Game? *
Tell us what days and times you are available, keep in mind most shows will be held at night between 4PM - 11:59PM
What do you like to do for fun, what kind of background do you have if any? What can you bring to the table as a ESALV Community Talent Member that others don't have.