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Newegg Fragfest

Newegg Fragfest


  • Saturday, September 7th, 2019

    • 60 Max Players

      • Check-In & Doors Open: 4:00pm

      • Check-In Closes: 5:00pm

      • Group 1 Round: 5:05 - 6:35pm

      • Group 2 Round: 6:50pm - 8:20pm

      • Event Ends: 9:00pm

  • Check-In Notice

    • All pre-registered players are encouraged to check in before the check-in period closes. Any pre-registered players who do not check in before check-in closes may forfeit their reserved seat to any player(s) waiting on standby.



  • Free Entry! Must be present in venue to compete.

Tournament Rules

  • Each group of players will compete in one ninety (90) minute round of Apex Legends:

    • Players compete as individuals and will queue by themselves to be matched with random teammates.

    • Players are competing for eliminations only, and only the player's eliminations count; placement does not matter!

    • Eliminations are cumulative. It is the player's responsibility to report their scores to a Tournament Official by raising their hand - do not forget!

Arena Rules

  • PCs only, no consoles will be available; however, controllers are allowed and can be used or loaned on request given availability.

  • If you are invited to compete on stage, you must use the headset provided by HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas and use the audio and video settings as set by production.

  • All players, spectators, and guests are expected to treat each other with good sportsmanship and respect.

Spectator Pass

Why Should I Attend!?

Age Restrictions

  • Players 17 and under must have a parent register them online, and must also have their parent/guardian present during check-in.

  • Las Vegas strip curfew for minors is 9:00pm. Any players 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian by 9:00pm.

Front Lobby Open to the Public [12PM to 12AM]

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