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Champions Of Vegas IV: Teamfight Tactics - 08.18.2019 $1,000 GTD

Event Schedule

  • Sunday, August 18th, 2019

    • Check-In Opens: 4:30pm; venues may open check-in earlier

    • Check-In Closes: 5:45pm

    • Tournament Begins | Schedule

      • Round Robin: 6:00pm

      • Tiebreakers (if applicable): 9:00pm

      • Grand Finals: 10:00pm

    • Est. Tournament End: 11:00pm


  • Prize Pool Contribution: $15/player

  • Venue Fee: Varies per location

  • Players are encouraged to register online for the venue they plan on competing at.

  • Individuals may register in-person at a venue, if allowed by the venue, and if the venue can accommodate.

**All pre-registered players are encouraged to complete registration and pay their respective venue fee early at the venue before check-in closes. Any pre-registered players who do not complete registration before check-in closes may forfeit their reserved seat to players/teams waiting on standby.


  • Main Channel

  • Participating Venue Channels (if streaming)

    • 1337 PC Gaming Center

    • EVO Cafe

    • Gameworks Las Vegas

    • GoGo PC Gaming & Billiards

    • Gorilla Cafe

    • HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas

    • PVP Zone

    • Press Start Gaming

    • The Wall Gaming Lounge

    • Wolf & Lamb PC


  • Players must compete as Solo players (i.e. no teaming up).

  • The tournament will be played in up to five rounds:

    • Round 1: Round Robin

    • Round 2: Round Robin

    • Round 3: Round Robin

    • Round 4: Tiebreaker (if applicable)

    • Round 5: Grand Finals

  • Matched opponents will join a premade lobby and search for a public matchmaking game. Upon completion of the game, the 1st and 2nd place players report the game's scores to a Tournament Official.

    • Players may report their score by raising their hand to catch the attention of their venue's Tournament Official.

    • Players may also report scores by submitting a screenshot on the tournament's Discord server.

    • Players will NOT be able to report a score after leaving the end game screen.

  • Point scores are based on placement.

  • At the end of the tournament, each team's best score from each round is added together to form their overall tournament score. Qualification for Grand Finals is determined based on cumulative score.

  • In Grand Finals, points are reset and final payouts are determined based on one (1) game.

Champions of Las Vegas

  • The overall 1st place winner of each tournament will be crowned the Champions of Las Vegas.

  • The Champions of Las Vegas will be invited to compete center-stage at HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas in the next Champions of Vegas tournament.

  • If the Champions of Las Vegas wins 1st place overall again while competing center-stage at HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, they will be re-crowned Champions of Las Vegas and win 100% of the prize pool for themselves.

  • If the Champions of Las Vegas does NOT compete center-stage at HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, they will become ineligible to win the prize pool for themselves and the prize pool will be distributed as normal, regardless of if they win again.


  • At the conclusion of each tournament, payouts can occur under one of the two following criteria:

    • The current Champions of Las Vegas wins 1st place overall again while competing center-stage at HyperX ESALV.

    • The current Champions of Las Vegas does not win 1st place, does not compete center-stage at HyperX ESALV, OR there is no Champions of Las Vegas competing.

  • If the current Champions of Las Vegas wins:

    • 100% of the prize pool is awarded to the Champions.

  • If the current Champions of Las Vegas does not win, does not compete center-stage at HyperX ESALV, OR there is no Champions of Las Vegas competing:

    • The prize pool will be awarded to the Top 13% (1 out of every 8) of total team entries.

    • The overall 1st place team is crowned the new Champions of Las Vegas.

Score Changes

  • Adjusted scoring for better chance of "comeback" from 1st round loss and high 2nd/3rd round placements.

  • Rewards consistency over three rounds, rather than having one-win winners have best shot at making Finals.

  • Added 1 extra point to 1st place to give those players an edge in case of ties (ex: 3 players are tied for the Finals cutoff at 100 pts/each, but one player won a round giving him/her a 101).


  • If there is a tied score for a Grand Finals spot between two (2) or more players, the tie will be broken by a single tiebreaker game.


  • We ran into an issues where, in every round, 1-2 players were stuck at the loading screen by the time the 1st carousel was completed. Any connection issues must be reported to Tournament Officials immediately.

  • A match will restart if the player is not reconnected BEFORE 2nd Carousel OR if 6 of the 7 active players agree to restarting.

  • In an effort to save time and as a courtesy to all tournament players, matches may only be restarted one time, and in case of restarts, must be restarted immediately after Krugs.

  • A match may not be restarted twice under any circumstances, with the exception of complete PC failure causing the player to switch PCs.

  • As compensation for connection issues, players proven to be stuck at loading screen will be granted 1 point per round missed, up to 3 points, which will be added to their round score.

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