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Champions Of Vegas III: Teamfight Tactics

Event Schedule
Sunday, July 21st, 2019
Check-In Opens: 4:30pm; venues may open check-in earlier
Check-In Closes: 5:45pm
Round 1 Begins: 6:00pm
Round 2 Begins: 7:00pm
Round 3 Begins: 8:00pm
Tiebreakers (if applicable): 9:00pm
Grand Finals Begins: 10:00pm
Est. Tournament End: 11:00pm

Prize Pool Contribution: $15/player
Venue Fee: Varies per location
Players are encouraged to register online for the venue they plan on competing at.
Individuals may register in-person at a venue, if allowed by the venue, and if the venue can accommodate.

**All pre-registered players are encouraged to complete registration and pay their respective venue fee early at the venue before check-in closes. Any pre-registered players who do not complete registration before check-in closes may forfeit their reserved seat to players/teams waiting on standby.

Main Channel
HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas:
Participating Venue Channels (if streaming)