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Summer Series Event #1: Hearthstone $500 GTD

The Summer of 2019 is here! Come out and compete in our series of summer community tournaments, all with the same affordable entries as our off-season tournaments... and increased prize pools!


  • Sunday, July 14th, 2019

    • Check-In Opens: 10:00am PDT

    • Check-In Closes: 11:00am PDT

    • Tournament Begins: 11:30am PDT

  • All pre-registered players are encouraged to complete registration at the venue before check-in closes. Any pre-registered players who do not complete registration before check-in closes may forfeit their place in the tournament.


  • HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas in the Luxor Hotel


  • $15/Player

  • All buy-ins contribute towards the prize pool to follow community licensicing guidelines set forth by Blizzard.

Arena Rules

  • PCs & Mobile Only

  • PCs will be available for use during the tournament; game time is not required to use a PC for tournament use.

  • If you are invited to compete on stage, you must use the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas headsets and use the audio & video settings set by production.

  • If you are invited to compete on stage, you must use PC as your platform.

Tournament Format

  • Swiss Format

    • The number of Swiss rounds and number of players who qualify for the single-elimination portion of the tournament will adjust based on total entries

      • 4-7 Players: 2 Swiss Rounds; Top 2 Advance to Bracket

      • 8-15 Players: 3 Swiss Rounds; Top 4 Advance to Bracket

      • 16-31 Players: 4 Swiss Rounds;Top 8 Advance to Bracket

      • 32-63 Players: 5 Swiss Rounds; Top 16 Advance to Bracket

      • 64+ Players: 6 Swiss Rounds; Top 32 Advance to Bracket

  • Single Elimination Bracket

    • Best-of-1 Format; 4-Deck Entry, 1 Deck Ban


  • Payout spots will adjust based on total entries. Any buy-ins that do not cover the $500 prizing will be covered by HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas.

    • 4-7 Entries: 2 Payouts

    • 8-15 Entries: 3 Payouts

    • 16-31 Entries: 4 Payouts

    • 32-63 Entries: 6 Payouts

    • 64+ Entries: 8 Payouts