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Saturday Night Speedway 36

Ever wanted to prove you're the best Mario Kart racer in the world? Okay let's start that here at the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas!



  • Saturday, August 17th, 2019: 60 max players

    • Check-In w/ Tournament Director Opens: 6:00pm

    • Qualifiers: 7:00pm

    • Second Chance Battle: 9:00pm

    • Semifinals: 9:20pm

    • Grand Finals: 10:00pm

Grand Prix Rules

  • Racers: 10

  • Mode: VS Race

  • Class: 150cc

  • Teams: Off

  • Items: Normal

  • CPU: Off

  • Courses: Players Choice

  • Grand Prix: 4 Races (6 Races for Grand Finals)

  • Smart Steering: Off

  • Auto-accelerate: Off

  • Motion Controls: Your Choice

  • Nintendo Switches provided only on the main stage, you may bring your own controller but Joy-Con will be provided

  • You must use the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas headsets and use the audio & video settings set by Production

Second Chance Battle Rules

  • Battlers: 10

  • Mode: Randomly Selected Before Tournament

  • Teams: Off

  • Items: Normal

  • CPU: Off

  • Course: Random

  • Rounds: 1


  • The tournament will be played in four phases:

    • Qualifiers

    • Second Chance Battle

    • Semifinals

    • Grand Finals

  • In Qualifiers, each racer will compete in one Grand Prix composed of 4 Races. After all qualifiers are completed, the Top 18 point scores will advance to the Semifinals phase.

  • In Second Chance Battle, the top point scorers who did NOT automatically advance to Semifinals phase will compete in two separate rounds of a Battle Mode. The top player after each round of Second Chance will advance to the Semifinals phase.

  • In Semifinals, the Top 18 point scorers from Qualifiers & 2 winners from Second Chance Battle will compete in two groups of ten (10) racers. Each group will race in a 4 race Grand Prix with the Top 5 from each moving on to Grand Finals.

  • In Grand Finals, racers will compete in a 6 Race Grand Prix to determine final standings and payouts.

  • Due to time constraints, all ties will be broken by a Best of 3 Rock Paper Scissors.


  • Venue Fee

    • Free

  • Tournament Fee

    • $10/player

    • All Tournament Fees are directly contributed towards the prize pool

  • Rebuys (only available if less than 60 racers AND if total # of racers is not a number divisible by 10)

    • $5/player

    • Transaction is handled between the player & Tournament Director


Final 10 Racers Payout:

  • Top 15% of racers will share the total prize pool.

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