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Game Night XXXVII - 12/09


  • Monday, December 9th, 2019

    • Free Game Time Begins: 6:00pm

    • TFT Tournament Begins: 6:00pm

    • Mix & Match: 8:00-10:00pm


  • HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas in the Luxor Hotel


  • $10/Player

  • 36 Player Cap


  • $300 Guarantee

What - Apex Legends

  • Free Gameplay for Apex Legends players

  • $10 Win The Pot - Mix & Match

    • Players will enter into a pool of Apex Legends players.

    • At 8:00pm, players will be randomly drawn into trios and compete for wins.

    • The team who wins a game first will part of that night's prize pool!

    • Once one team wins, players will re-draw for new trio partners.

    • If no teams win a game within 45 minutes, the pot rolls over and teams will be automatically re-drawn.

What - Teamfight Tactics

  • Winners Share Format

    • All players play two (2) games.

    • Players compete in four (4) evenly distributed groups, no matter the # of players.

    • Groups change players between the two games.

    • The winner of each group wins an equal percentage of the $300 guarantee.

    • For groups with less than eight (8) players, if a randomly matchmade player wins 1st place, your group's share of the prize pool is distributed amongst the other groups' winners.

    • If in the event that no one wins at all, the prize pool contributions will be rolled over into the next week.

Arena Rules

  • All games will be played on PC; however console and/or controller players may use controllers on PCs.