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Winter Series Event #13: Friday Frags Main Event - $3,000 GTD

Come out and compete against the best Las Vegas Fortnite players and make a name for yourself as well as getting connected with the community!


  • Friday, December 27th, 2019

    • TBD Max Players (subject to increase on game day)

      • Check-In w/ Tournament Director Opens: TBD

      • Check-In w/ Tournament Director Closes: TBD

      • Game 1 Begins (HARD START TIME): TBD

      • Est. Tournament End: TBD

** All pre-registered players are encouraged to complete registration at the venue before check-in closes. Any pre-registered players who do not complete registration before check-in closes will forfeit their reserved seat to players waiting on stand-by.



  • Online Pre-Registration: $30/Player

  • Last Minute On-Site Registration: $35/Player

  • All buy-ins contribute directly towards the prize pool, up to $3,000.


  • Top 15 players pays out

  • Payout Amounts

    • TBD

Arena Rules

  • PCs Only; however controllers are allowed and can be loaned on request given availability.

  • PCs will be available for use during the tournament; game time is not required to use a PC for tournament use.

  • If you are invited to compete on stage, you must use the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas headsets and use the audio & video settings set by production.

  • If you are invited to compete on stage, you must use PC as your platform.

Friday Frags Format Rules

  • The tournament will be played over five (5) custom matchmaking games:

    • All players compete in all five (5) games

      • In each game, players earn points based on survivability and aggression.

      • A player's total tournament score will be the cumulative score of all five of their games.

      • Upon elimination in each game, if the player has placed in Top 25 OR earned at least one (1) elimination, the player is responsible for reporting it to a Tournament Official (via raising their hand).

Friday Frags Scoring Structure

Scoring structure modeled after Fortnite World Cup 2019

Friday Frags Schedule (est.)

  • Game 1: 6:45pm - 7:15pm

  • Game 2: 7:30pm - 8:00pm

  • Game 3: 8:15pm - 8:45pm

  • Game 4: 9:00pm - 9:30pm

  • Game 5: 9:45pm - 10:15pm

Tiebreaker Rules

  • Following the Fortnite World Cup 2019 scoring structure, the following hierarchy determines tiebreaker criteria before coin flip:

    1. Total Points Scored

    2. Total Victory Royales

    3. Average Eliminations per Game

    4. Highest Placements (in descending order) - differs from WC rules

    5. Coin Flip


  • Cheating includes, but is not limited to, teaming up with another competitor, screen peeking, learning and sharing the custom matchmaking key with external sources, distracting other players, etc.

  • If a player is caught screen peeking, whether on another player's PC or the main arena screen, the player will be punished by:

    • Forced to run into the storm and lose all points for that game.

  • If a player is caught distracting another player, which consists of, but is not limited to, talking to a player actively competing, bumping into their chair, etc., the offending player will be punished by:

    • Disqualification from the current and/or next applicable round.

  • If a player is caught teaming up with another competitor, learning & sharing the custom matchmaking key with external sources, and/or any other offense that hurts the integrity of the competition, the player will be punished by:

    • Immediate disqualification from the tournament and removal from the venue without refund

  • The Tournament Director has final say in cheating accusations after consulting with first-hand accounts provided by Tournament Officials. In other words, do not attempt to cheat, do not joke around and act like you are cheating, etc. Cheating is a serious offense and in some cases may result in suspension or banishment from future tournaments, the venue, and/or all Las Vegas gaming centers.