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Winter Series Event #9: Champions of Vegas VIII - Modern Warfare 2v2


  • Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

    • 96 Teams/192 Player Cap

      • Check-In w/ Tournament Director Opens: 11:00am PST

      • Check-In w/ Tournament Director Closes: 12:00pm PST

      • Pools 1 & 2 Begin: 12:30pm PST

      • Pools 3 & 4 Begin: 2:30pm PST

      • Pools 5 & 6 Begin: 4:30pm PST

      • Playoffs Begin: 7:00pm PST

      • Est. Tournament End: 10:00pm PST

    • Pools will be announced on this page and emailed to all pre-registered players 24 hours before the tournament begins.

  • ** All pre-registered players are encouraged to complete registration at the venue before check-in closes. Any pre-registered players who do not complete registration before check-in closes will forfeit their reserved seat to players waiting on stand-by.



  • Individual Registration: $15/Player

    • $13 of each players' buy-in goes towards the player's platform's prize pool.

    • $2 of each players' buy-in goes towards the Grand Finals bonus prizing.

  • Team Registration: $30/Team

    • $26 of each teams' buy-in goes towards the team's platform's prize pool.

    • $4 of each teams' buy-in goes towards the Grand Finals bonus prizing.


  • $1,500 Guaranteed Prize Pool

    • Total prize pool for either bracket is dependent on the number of teams in each bracket.

    • Total prize pool for both brackets combined is $1,500 minimum.

  • Prize Distribution Example

    • If there are 48 total teams in the PC bracket, and 26 total teams in the console bracket:

      • The PC bracket is worth $1,248.

      • The console bracket is worth $676.

      • The Grand Finals bonus (PC 1st Place vs. Console 1st Place) is $296.

  • Paytable

    • See below

Friday Frags Scoring Structure

HyperX Esports Arena LV Rules

  • PCs Only; however controllers are allowed and can be loaned on request given availability.

  • PCs will be available for use during the tournament; game time is not required to use a PC for tournament use.

  • If you are invited to compete on stage, you must use the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas headsets and use the audio & video settings set by production.

  • If you are invited to compete on stage, you must use PC as your platform.

Champions of Vegas VI Tournament Format

Group Stage

  • Teams will be evenly divided into groups of eight (8).

  • Group size may be adjusted based on final number of teams.

    • Groups will be separated between PC players & console players.

  • Round Robin

    • Best-of-1s

    • Seven (7) Rounds of Regulation Games

    • One (1) Round of Tiebreaker Games (if applicable)

  • Top three (3) teams from each group advance to Playoffs

    • Teams are ranked by:

      • Match W/L Record

      • Round W/L Record

      • Complete ties will result in tiebreaker game


  • Two Single Elimination Brackets

    • PC Bracket

    • Console Bracket

  • All Playoff Matches are Best-of-3s

  • Winner of PC Bracket & Console Bracket meet in Grand Finals

Champions of Vegas VI Game Rules

  • Game Mode: Gunfight

  • First To: 7 Wins

  • Game Settings: Default

  • Eligible Maps:

    • Docks

    • King

    • Pine

    • Speedball

    • Stack