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Tuesday Drops



  • Tuesday, July 31st, 2018
  • Evening Session
    • Check-In w/ Tournament Director Opens: 4:00pm
    • Check-In w/ Tournament Director Closes: 4:55pm
    • Game Start: 5:00pm

** All pre-registered players are encouraged to complete registration at the venue before check-in closes. Any pre-registered players who do not complete registration before check-in closes will forfeit their reserved seat to players waiting on stand-by.


  • PCs only, No consoles will be available but you can hookup a PS4 or Xbox One controller to any PC.
  • The tournament follows the format popularized by "KEEMSTAR"
  • Griefing or sabotaging your opponent in any way, shape, or form is NOT allowed (this includes destroying their structures, purposely building in front of them, boogie-bombing, etc).
  • You and your opponent will join the same game as a Duo team and compete to score the most overall kills over 2 games. To win a match you must have more overall kills than your opponent.
  • If a player dies and has less total kills than their opponent in the second game, if deemed necessary for time efficiency Admins will have the power to end the game and award the player with more kills the round rather than letting the player finish the entire match.
  • Placement does not matter.
  • Final kill does not matter.
  • If both players have the same amount of kills after two games, a sudden death round will be played.
    • Sudden Death Rules:
      • Both players join a game as a Duo as normal
      • Sudden Death winner is determined in the following order in the sudden death game:
        • You earn three (3) eliminations before your opponent OR your opponent is eliminated before you
        • If both players survive and earn a Victory Royale, the player with the most kills that game advances.
        • If the above criteria results in a tied kill game, a second sudden death round is played.
        • In the second sudden death round, the two players will queue-snipe into a Solos match where the first kill wins OR your opponent is eliminated before you.
  • Tournament Format
    • Single-Elimination


  • Venue Fee
    • $5/Player
  • Tournament Fee
    • $10/player
    • All Tournament Fees are directly contributed towards the prize pool


  • The Top 10% of all entries will share a percentage of the prize pool.
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